Archive for March, 2008

Minor updates….

We’ve been working hard for the last two weeks. Resolved few bugs in system configuration and we’ve made the following improvements

1. Added the function to drag the camera from the tree list onto the live video window when viewing in the single-view window

2. The ability to re-arrange the videos on the screen by doing drag’n drop

3. Added the ability to adjust Pan/Tilt speed

4. Added the ability to hide the program in the tray and operate in the background as well as the option to startup the program in tray

5. More Axis cameras are verified to work with the software

Stay tuned and we plan to make more major improvements next month as we’re announcing our first public beta!!!

We are making progress….

Well, it should be quite an exciting day for us. We’ve managed to get some of the major functions working after few months of hard work. A summary of the 1st milestone is as below:

– Live View
* Retrieve video from camera and its status
* Basic sequence view working
* Basic PTZ control function working
* Full Screen to Display
– Emap View
* Display Event Triggerred Video on E-Map
* Event Trigger Log
* Basic E-Map function
– Playback
* Playback By Time
* Playback By Event
– Setting
* Multi-screen configuration
* Camera Configuration (Add/Remove cameras)
* Recording Configuration (schedule/Event Recording)

There will be no public release just yet but we’re making some progress here. Please do check back frequently!!