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SEEnergy Now Officially a Panasonic Software Partner

SEEnergy has been acknowledged by Panasonic this morning as one of its official software partner. It’s a representation of our company’s ability to be able to integrate Panasonic’s IP cameras nicely with our software. We are thrilled by such recognition from Panasonic as it is positive to our company’s image. We’re working closely with Panasonic on the camera’s integration and we’re working very hard. Our software currently supports Panasonic “BB-HCM” and “BL” series dual-stream cameras and we’re working on the integration of the “Business” series such as WV-NP244.

New Beta of π-Vu Basic Released for Internal Review

We’ve made some more progress in the past week, we got some basic functions working with Axis H.264 device. We’re planning on finishing this up by next week. G.726 is now working with certain Panasonic cameras, and we will keep working on this with the Sony’s cameras as different brands have different bitrate options, we’re working on a way to better integrate all these to our software in terms of how the configuration interface can be simple enough to cover all the settings. We’ve also made some progress with the PTZ functions for Sony’s cameras and now fine-tuning its performance and stability.

Stay tune for more updates…………..

We are already working on the next release!!

We are quite excited about the official release of π-Vu Basic and we’ve received some good feedbacks about it. Sales and marketing people are busy getting the good news out there and our engineers are busy working on the next release. Yes, you heard it, we don’t wanna just stop here and we plan to make π-Vu Basic (FREE) even better! Check below for a sneak preview of what we are delivering in the next release:

1. Add support of G.726

2. Add ability to adjust volume from live videos

3. Add support of UPnP

4. Add Manual Recording ability

5. Add support of H.264

6. Add support of MegaPixel cameras from Axis and Panasonic

7. Add support of Sony IP cameras

All of the above are due to be delivered by the end of this month. And yes, it will continue to be FREE. Stay tuned……….

A Quick Reference Guide for π-Vu Basic Feature Highlights

π-Vu Basic is Now Officially Released!!!!

After close to another month of intensive testings and we’ve addressed some instability issues, we’re confident and happy to announce that π-Vu Basic is now officially released!! We want to share this great news with all of you and we are working on video tutorials to make this “already user-friendly” software a breeze to use for you. Please feedback us if any, your feedback is really important to us!! Check back frequently for more updates!!

Below is a summary of what we offer in π-Vu Basic (FREE)

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