SEEnergy Network Video Recorder is Now Ready for Shipping

SVR-116All hard works aside, we are thrilled to announce the availability of our standalone embedded platform based network video recorder, SVR-116. We are ready for sample ordering as well as orders in large quantities. Sample orders can be shipped right away as we currently keep small quantities on hand for customers who’d like to evaluate the product first. May we remind you with the key features this product offers:

  • Connect up to 16 cameras
  • Supports Axis/Sony/Panasonic Communications cameras
  • Supports MJPEG/MPEG4/H.264
  • Support Megapixel
  • Advance PTZ Control
  • Linux Embedded Platform
  • Supports various alerts and recordings
  • SEEnergy Smart Camera Search
  • Pure web based administration

We are also shipping this unit along with our FREE central management software, “ π-Vu Central Basic”, which is capable of managing 16 SVR-116. It’s a PC based software that you can run on a remote PC and manage total of 256 channels (16 cameras x 16 SVR-116). Some key features are described below:

  • Manage up to 256 channels
  • Support multiple monitor management (5 monitors max.)
  • Support two full-screen live video view, total of 32 channels
  • Supports E-map
  • Supports SEEnergy Smart Motion Detection
  • Supports mouse-over-video PTZ
  • Supports customizable group sequence view

Some screenshots of SVR-116:


  • Live video view through the web management UI:


  • Add cameras through SVR-116 web management UI:


  • Add OSD (on screen display) text on video


  • Configure event trigger through the web management UI


  • Recording Configuration


A quick comparison of our NVR with the competitors’. We think we’ve done a pretty good job:


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