SEEnergy to Provide Cost-effective IP Surveillance Software for the SMB Market — π-Vu Basic +

pi-vu-bSEEnergy is announcing the availability of its new IP surveillance software. It’s a cost-effective software solution specifically designed for the SMB markets. “π-Vu Basic +”, which is the advanced version of the company’s current FREE IP surveillance software, “π-Vu Basic”, offering even more appealing features with attractive pricing. The major feature highlights are listed below:

1. Supporting top 10 camera brands (the “basic” version only supports Axis, Sony, Panasonic and AVTech)

2. Support MegaPixel resolution (the “basic” version only supports up to D1)

3. Providing 5×5 and 6×6 live views (the “basic” version only supports up to 4×4 live views)

4. Support Quad Monitors Management (the “basic” version only supports 3)

5. Dynamic camera group arrangement (the “basic” version does not allow cameras to be assigned to different groups)

“π-Vu Basic +” will be sold along with a USB key for license protection and it’s available now.

We will be offering the trial version, which will be available for download on our website soon.

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