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Tips for running Pi-Vu Series VMS in Windows Vista/7

We have been getting quite some feedbacks on running the Pi-Vu series VMS software in Windows Vista/7, which users find issues with playback videos, taking snapshots, or export videos to AVI. This is caused due to “UAC” (User Access Control) that was first introduced in Windows Vista, and it has become a standard feature ever since. This restricts access to certain folders for security concerns. This also creates issues for programs that need to create additional folders to save datas during configuration, in which only “virtual” folders are created if the programs were not run with administrator privilege. This results in a possible data loss or creates confusion that users may have difficulties locating saved datas as they are actually saved in virtual folders instead of folders that users thought they had created in the first place.

Below is a short tutorial that shows you how to run our PC VMS in Windows Vista/7 and it applies to the whole Pi-Vu series VMS software.


1. After the software has been successfully installed, the program shortcuts should be created and presented on the Windows desktop