Adding the 4 Channel Embedded NVR to the Product Line

SVR-104We are officially announcing the availability of the 4 channel NVR to our embedded NVR product line.

SVR-104, the 4 channel NVR will be targeted in the SOHO markets along with the 8 channel NVR for SMB markets and 16 channel NVR for the Enterprise market segments. SVR-104 will also be bundled for our CMS software for easy deployment and expansion. For a complete overview of our embedded NVR product line, please see below:

product overviewpg2


A Detail Comparison Overview of SEEnergy’s PC-Based Software NVR (π-Vu Series)

Below table illustrates the differences between each version of our π-Vu Series Software NVR:

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Pi-Vu Series Comparison

π-Vu Basic + Trial Available for Download!!


We are now offering trial download of our newly announced PC-based NVR: “π-Vu Basic +”. You can download it here and start testing evaluation. As usual, you’d need to register for an account at our website or log in with your account if you have previously registered prior to download the software.

A quick overview of the “Basic Plus” version offers over the “Basic” version:

1. Max. 36 live views (added 5×5 and 6×6 viewing layouts)
2. Quad-Monitor Management
3. MegaPixel Resolution
4. Dynamic Camera Group Assignments
5. Support Two-way Audio
6. USB Key for license protection

The trial is offered with the following limitations:

1. Allows max. 4 cameras to be added to the system

2. Allow only 1 channel displayed in MegaPixel resolution

3. All videos are watermarked with “DEMO”

You can turn the trial to the full version by using the USB keypro which you can purchase directly from us at the moment.

For sales and inquiries, please write to

For support, please write to

SEEnergy to Provide Cost-effective IP Surveillance Software for the SMB Market — π-Vu Basic +

pi-vu-bSEEnergy is announcing the availability of its new IP surveillance software. It’s a cost-effective software solution specifically designed for the SMB markets. “π-Vu Basic +”, which is the advanced version of the company’s current FREE IP surveillance software, “π-Vu Basic”, offering even more appealing features with attractive pricing. The major feature highlights are listed below:

1. Supporting top 10 camera brands (the “basic” version only supports Axis, Sony, Panasonic and AVTech)

2. Support MegaPixel resolution (the “basic” version only supports up to D1)

3. Providing 5×5 and 6×6 live views (the “basic” version only supports up to 4×4 live views)

4. Support Quad Monitors Management (the “basic” version only supports 3)

5. Dynamic camera group arrangement (the “basic” version does not allow cameras to be assigned to different groups)

“π-Vu Basic +” will be sold along with a USB key for license protection and it’s available now.

We will be offering the trial version, which will be available for download on our website soon.

SEEnergy FREE Software NVR, π-Vu Basic, Updated to Support Panasonic Security Series Cameras


SEEnergy has also updated its free software NVR, π -Vu Basic, to support Panasonic Security Series cameras. In addition to this, SEEnergy also added “AVI export” function which allows users to export the recorded videos to “.avi” file format and save them onto the local computer.

SEEnergy has been striving to make surveillance solutions more affordable and widely available to the majority of users.  π-Vu Basic is considered to be one of the very few FREE surveillance software available on the market that’s open platform and feature-rich.

You may find the list of the supported cameras here.

SEEnergy Announcing the availablity of Its Central Management Software

Pi-Vu CB

SEEnergy is officially announcing the availability of the central management software specifically made for its embedded

hardware network video recorder — SVR-116.  The CMS software, Pi-Vu Central Basic, will be free bundled with SVR-116, adding “scalability out of box” value to the network video recorder.

Pi-Vu Central Basic can manage total of 16 SVR-116, which equals a 256Ch. application, making it a perfect solution for the SMB market.

The CMS software offers up to 5 multi-monitor management, with 2 full screen live video support for up to 32 videos simultaneously. It also include “mouse-over-video” PTZ for more intuitive control

Other features such as E-map monitors, Smart Motion Detection, and AVI export are also included.

For more information, please refer to our product page on our website

SEEnergy SVR-116 New Firmware Update — Now Support SEEnergy Central Management Software

SVR-116Pi-Vu CB

We have released an updated firmware for our embedded hardware network video recorder — SVR-116. In  this firmware update, we added support of Panasonic Security cameras as well as AVTech AVI-203 H.264 camera.

In addition, this firmware update also allows the SVR-116 to support our CMS software — π-Vu Central Basic, a CMS software specifically made for SVR-116.

This is a quantum-leap advancement for this product and with the aid of the CMS software, users can quickly and easily create a video management solution that’s perfect for the small to mid-sized applications.

π-Vu Central Basic will be free bundled with SVR-116, adding a competitive value and “scalability out of box” for this network video recorder.

For detail list of new cameras supported in this firmware update, please download the latest support camera list from our website.