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ScanSource Security Starts DVR Recycling, Disposal Program « SMART IP VIDEO

Apr 23, 2010GREENVILLE, S.C. — ScanSource Security of Greenville, S.C., has created a recycling and disposal program for DVR products through a partnership with E-Waste, an end-of-life technology waste management company. The physical security distributor hopes to communicate the importance of disposing of products in a legally sound and environmentally responsible manner.

The distributor will provide the disposal program to dealers and integrators at no charge for DVR products through the end of June. Dealers can also utilize the service for other physical security products for a small fee.

Using ScanSource’s service, dealers can dispose of technology equipment that not only contain potentially hazardous materials, but also sensitive data components that can create liabilities for the user. Integrators and dealers can fill out a form on the ScanSource Security Web site for directions on where to send their product for disposal.

“By taking advantage of this service through ScanSource Security and E-Waste, dealers and integrators can provide even more value to their end-user customers by ensuring they are EPA compliant in their disposal processes and that all data is properly erased,” says E-Waste President and COO Jim Cleveland. “What’s more, a fully insured certificate of destruction and indemnification is issued to the dealer and/or their end-user customer by E-Waste.”


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